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Vyacheslav, a native of Kyrgyzstan, came to Moscow on earnings, lost his ID and was recruited near a railway station by false promises. As the victim told us, the bus driver hid him in the toilet room or on the backseats when they were passing checkpoints on the way to Dagestan.

На данном изображении может находиться: 1 человек, часть тела крупным планом

Eventually the man found himself at a brick plant. He initially was bounded with debt for transportation, because the owner paid to a bus driver, so Vyacheslav was offered to work it off by receiving zero remuneration for the first month of employment. But the man did not believe in the opportunity to receive money there, so he attempted to escape after the second week had passed. However, he was caught and returned back, beaten and warned that “for such misbehavior the sum of the fine would only increase”. The situation was miserable because the man did not have money and an ID. Soon he was brought to another plant, where he also did not hope to receive a salary. He attempted to run away the second time.

Vyacheslav tried to leave the territory of Dagestan on his feet, but got caught again and was brought at a third in a row brick plant in Kizlyar. After he escaped the third time, Slava reached Mahachkala, where for the first time in a 6 month period he managed to find a paid job. This money was spent on food and warm clothing. However, Vyacheslav still could not go back home.

Thus, the victim turned out at a brick plant for the fourth time. Previously the factory’s owner, man named Saudin, was sentenced to imprisonment for stealing natural gas, so his place was taken by his nephew, Shamil. The Alternativa’s activists have already helped few victims of forced labor to escape from this plant during this year.

That time Slava was scared to escape with our activists, but since then found out information about organization and other victims, who already received help from the Alternativa, so finally he applied for help. The activists took him from the plant, helped to get to Moscow, where he remains under the Alternativa’s patronage. Slava already applied for repatriation certificate. His mother is waiting for him in Bishkek.

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